Colour Mastery (Friday mornings)

Registration fee: $495.00

Colour Mastery with Abramo Papp

This course is for both the raw beginner and those experienced in colour mixing who want to get up to speed with the latest in colour wheels, the revolutionary Moriarty Colour Mixing System (CMS).  Easily and confidently mix any target colour using at most three paint pigments plus white. Use the CMS in creating colour harmonies from nature; using these to create alternative colour schemes; and applying the techniques of underpainting, simultaneous contrast, broken colour and glazes to increase the brilliance of colours in paintings based upon Merv Moriarty’s book, ‘COLOUR the definitive guide’. “This has been a very informative and useful course for colour skills development”. Margot, July 2016.

Fridays, 6 October to 1 December, 9:30am – 12:30pm (9 weeks).

 Important: Please check the Short Course Materials tab in the Short Courses menu above.

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