Introductory Painting - Oils (Wednesday evenings)

Registration fee: $450.00

Introductory Painting - Oils with Abramo Papp

This course is for raw beginners and for those with experience painting in acrylics. It will cover techniques of oil painting in layers: starting with a toned ground; followed by a thin under-painting; one or more opaque finishing layers, glazing and finally varnishing. You will complete several small works exploring the various techniques including scumbling, drybrush, alla prima and impasto. There is an opportunity to covert existing acrylic paintings into finished works in oils. I tried for a long time to teach myself how to paint through YouTube videos, but this class was so much better than YouTube – and I’m in my 20’s.” Julia, 21/6/2017.  

Wednesday evenings, 25 April to 20 June, 6:30 – 9:30pm, $450 for 9 weeks.

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