The Yin Yang Of Painting (Tuesday mornings)

Registration fee: $450.00

The Yin Yang of Painting with Mia Clark


The most visually exiting paintings are energised by a harmonious balance of opposing elements. Light and shadow, for instance, define and support each other by their contrasting natures. Opposites pull and push and create energy. This balance of contrasts can be applied to every element of art, from value and colour to composition and movement. In this workshop you will select one of three palettes (ie. red/green, purple/yellow or blue/orange) with which to explore the yin-yang principles of developing a painting - on a subject matter of your own choice - in acrylic or oil paints (this class is not suitable for the absolute beginner).


Tuesdays, 3 October to 28 November, 9:30am – 12:30pm (9 weeks).


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