BIA is an independent art institute offering a Certificate in Fine Art outside the Australian National Training Framework.

Consequently, the course is not Austudy approved. 
The certificate is a broad based course of study including the following subjects each of which attracts a fee of $790 (plus relevant subject levies).
Students can progress at their own rate and subjects may be accrued over a number of semesters. However, enrolments in four or more subjects in one semester attracts a discount.

Certificate Subjects

Subject   Semesters   Hours
Observational Drawing   1   3
Expressive Drawing or Exploring Drawing           1   3
Drawing the Human Figure   1   3
Painting I   1   3
Painting II   1   3
Introductory Printmaking   1   3
Etching  or Fabric Printing   1   3
Sculpture I   1   3
Sculpture 2   1   3
Ceramics I   1   3
Ceramics II   1   3
Exhibition Practice   1   3


















Diploma of Fine Art
The requirements for the certificate, as set out above, are also considered to be the first level of the diploma (ie. it is necessary to complete the certificate first).
On completion of the certificate level, candidates are then required to complete two majors - chosen from : Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Drawing Specialisation 1 or Digital Imaging/Art Photography - as well as a number of other subjects. At this level students are required to take a high degree of responsibility for their own learning. It should also be noted that not all diploma level subjects are available in every semester.
Details of the required diploma (second level) subjects are as follows :

Diploma Subjects

Subject   Semesters   Hours
Major 1   4   3
Major 2           4   3
Interdisciplinary Drawing   2   6
Art Theory   1   3 
Professional Arts practice   1   3 






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