Art for Children, Term 3 (Wednesday afternoons)

Registration fee: $312.00
Tax amount: $28.36

Art For Children (6-12years), Term 3 with Berenice Anzellotti

Art for Children aims to encourage in children an appreciation of the aesthetic experience and personal symbolic language.  The focus this term will be painting and drawing. Working from observation, students will make drawings using a variety of media. The drawings will be worked into paintings exploring colour and design. Students will have the opportunity to produce work/s based on their own interests and choice. Through interaction with each child, the tutors will seek to offer what would be of value to their development.

Please put the name of your child in the notes section of the order.


3:30 – 5:30pm, Wednesday afternoons, commencing 25 July and concluding 19 September, $312 for 9 weeks. 

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