Children’s Holiday Art #1 (26 & 27 June)

Registration fee: $185.00

Children’s Holiday Art  with Deborah Cavallaro and Rod Turpin

These workshops aim to nurture the artistic development of children, whilst respecting their innate dispositions. They will provide an enriching art experience that will give children confidence to explore their own nature.  The activities conducted may include painting, drawing, response to story telling, collage, montage, construction using wood, cardboard, sticks, string, and clay modelling. These workshops are for primary school children only. Please list your child's name in the notes if ordering online.

Workshop # 1:  Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 June, 9.30am – 2.00pm  (2 days).  $185


For the materials you need for this workshop please go to  Short Course materials >>>>>>> in the Short courses pull down menu.

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