Advanced Colour Skills (20 & 21 May)

Registration fee: $275.00

Advanced Colour Skills  with Abramo Papp

This course follows on from the 2 day Colour Mixing Skills or Colour Mixing Revisited from past semesters. The workshop extends the use of the ‘Moriarty COLOUR Plotter’ in being able to create a range of alternative harmonious colour compositions. Over the weekend, students will learn how to plot colour harmonies from the natural environment; use these colour harmonies to create alternative colour compositions using different hues; and using the phenomena of colour perception to increase the apparent purity or brilliance of colour using underpainting, simultaneous contrast, broken colour and glazes based on Merv Moriarty’s, ‘COLOUR the definitive guide’.  

Saturday and Sunday, 20 and 21 May, 9.30am – 4.00pm (2 days) 

For the materials you need for this workshop please go to  Short Course materials >>>>>>> in the Short courses pull down menu.

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