Colour Mixing Skills (6 & 7 May)

Registration fee: $275.00

Colour Mixing Skills with Abramo Papp

This course is for beginners and experienced artists who want to upgrade their knowledge of colour and mixing using the primaries of Magenta, Cyan and Yellow. Colour wheels for artists and designers traditionally have Red, Yellow and Blue as the primaries of colour, but as the printing industry has found, that is not quite accurate enough to mix ALL the colours we see and NEED. In this course you will update your knowledge of colour and accurately plot the paints you already own on your own colour wheel based on the ‘Moriarty COLOUR Plotter’, essential in being able to mix any desired target colour using at most 3 tube pigments plus white. “This has been a very informative and useful course for colour skills development”  Margot, July 2016.

Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 7 May, 9.30am – 4.00pm (2 days)  

For the materials you need for this workshop please go to  Short Course materials >>>>>>> in the Short courses pull down menu.

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