Getting Inked (5 & 6 May)

Registration fee: $250.00

Getting Inked with Lizzie Connor

Playing with black ink and drawing - drawing is the original art and language of man and continues to allow us to communicate what we see and feel. A drawing can be formal and refined or expressive and energetic; it can capture our thoughts with doodling, marks, lines or shaded areas expressing our external world and our individual thoughts. Would you like to make your drawing less tight and formal? By staying in the moment and letting go of preconceived ideas you will make  works that give the impression of easy spontaneity. You will be asked to put aside concerns about performance and concentrate on your creativity. Watch your imagination come to life through drawing, and painting with ink using wet in wet techniques and wet in dry techniques. Using some mindful drawing techniques Lizzie will take you through a series of activities to awaken your right brain creativity and loosen up your drawing.

Saturday and Sunday, 5 and 6 May, 9:30am – 4:00pm, $250 for 2 days.

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