Precious Metal Recycling (20 & 21 May)

Registration fee: $295.00

Precious Metal Recycling with Clare Poppi
Learn how to turn unwanted jewellery and silver scrap into useable metal sheet and wire to turn into new jewellery items. Students will be shown how to correctly sort and store scrap precious metal, the processes to melt and pour ingots and how to turn these ingots into sheet and wire. The reworked metal can then be turned into rings, pendants, earrings or other small metal items. This course is best suited to students with some experience in silversmithing but is not necessary. 
Saturday and Sunday, 20 and 21 May, 9.30am – 4.00pm (2 days)  

For the materials you need for this workshop please go to  Short Course materials >>>>>>> in the Short courses pull down menu.

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