Metcalfe Gallery, located within the Brisbane Institute of Art building in Windsor, is a contemporary exhibition space that aims to present a dynamic program of exhibitions across its three gallery spaces. Central to the exhibition program is the presentation of a visual culture which honours risk, experimentation and creativity, and stimulates dialogue and debate, especially amongst the BIA audience. 

Artistic Aims of Metcalfe Gallery:

The aims of the Metcalfe Gallery are:

1. To develop and extend critical debate about contemporary visual art and culture.
2. To create opportunities for emerging artists, writers and curators challenging the boundaries of contemporary visual practice.
3. To encourage and support ambitious projects by less established artists.
4. To promote the exchange of exhibitions, ideas and practices between artists, writers, curators and a diverse audience.
5. To introduce BIA students to art work which extends their understanding of what contemporary art can be.

How to Apply: Exhibitions
Exhibition proposals and applications are to be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or posted to Metcalfe Gallery, PO Box 2083, Windsor 4030.

Contemporary artists working professionally in any visual arts medium are eligible to apply for exhibitions in Metcalfe Gallery art spaces. Students and artists engaged in full-time study may also apply for exhibitions.

Program Structure
Metcalfe Gallery accepts applications from individual artists, collaborations between two or more artists and artist groups, with or without a curator.

Artists/curators can make applications which are developmental in nature and involve a future body of work, or the exploration of a particular idea. To avoid misinterpretation, it is important that written material presented be especially clear and concise. If approved, an artist or curator will have the scope to develop the exhibition. In the case where an idea is approved, the basic character of the idea must remain throughout.  

Artists/curators can also apply to exhibit a particular completed body of work to which only minor changes will take place. In this instance, it is expected that the work seen by the committee will be that actually proposed for the exhibition and not just an indication of it.


Please ensure that you understand the gallery rental conditions (see below). When applying for an exhibition at Metcalfe Gallery, you should include:

1. The preferred date for the exhibition weekly   (2018 Gallery Dates >>>)

2. Relevant visual material of the best possible quality (details and installation views).
Please remember to indicate whether or not the work viewed is the work proposed for exhibition.  Preferred visual materials: 12 digital images on CD , 1 DVD (10 minutes max.), slides, catalogues, photographs, colour photocopies, a website or any other printed material.   In the case of group exhibitions, no more than 6 images/5 minutes moving image per person. Material must be clearly labelled with the artist's name, title of work and date of execution. N.B. Safe return of improperly labelled material cannot be guaranteed. Do not send original or irreplaceable material.

3. A synopsis for the planned exhibition. This should be a clear and concise description of the exhibition and its ideas. It should not be longer than one A4 page. It should include a discussion of themes, theoretical background and reasons for wanting to show at Metcalfe Gallery. It should make clear what the relationship is between ideas and artworks. It should also include a description of the visual appearance of the exhibition, including the number and dimensions of works and the amount of space required, how the work will be installed and details of participants. The clearer the picture applicants are able to provide, the more informed the assessment of the proposal can be.

4. A selected up-to-date curriculum vitae abridged to no more than one A4 page. For group shows, applicants are asked to abridge biographical information to half a page per artist.

5. If posting or bringing in applications please provide a large, stamped and self addressed envelope to ensure the return of your material. Metcalfe Gallery cannot return visual materials if a stamped, self-addressed envelope is not supplied.

Successful applicants wishing to be fully insured against fire, flood, theft, loss or damage must organise this independently.

Have you included the following?
Name, address, email address and contact number
Labelled visual material (CD, DVD and / or slides)
NB. Gallery staff are not able to contact artists to seek material missing from proposals.

Gallery Plans
Gallery plans are available above. If your work is to be site-specific it would be beneficial to view the space personally.

Rental cost

A TWO week show is preferred by the BIA and is recommended in order to give a range of viewers sufficient time to get to the gallery. Gallery rental for two weeks:

           - Space 1A Metcalfe Gallery: $ 495.00 (plus $50 refundable bond)
           - Space 1B Metcalfe Gallery: $ 495.00 (plus $50 refundable bond)
           - Foyer Metcalfe Gallery: $ 495.00 (plus $50 refundable bond)
           - Utilize two spaces: $900.00 (plus $50 refundable bond)
           - Utilize three spaces: $1,330.00 (plus $50 refundable bond)

Current BIA members are entitled to a 10% discount. Longer periods can be negotiated but are not advised. NOTE : In order to be familiar with the spaces and the way the gallery is set up, it is highly recommended that artists and exhibitors visit the gallery and discuss arrangements with the gallery staff prior to booking.

 Rental conditions

1. Metcalfe Gallery opening hours:- The gallery is open Monday-Friday, 10am-4pm. When renting the space week-end opening times are the responsibility of the artist. The exhibition must remain fully installed for the full duration of the advertised period.

2. Promotion of exhibition:– It is the artist’s responsibility to promote the exhibition (i.e. printing and mailing costs). If you provide information and an image of your work, the BIA can facilitate a bulk mail out to our email list. Exhibitions in the gallery are also promoted through BIA facebook
3. Hanging of Work:- Works may be hung using pins nails, screws or picture hanging hooks. Plinths are available for 3D works. ONLY PENCIL MAY BE USED TO MARK THE WALLS AS A GUIDE TO HANGING. STICKY TAPE, OR ANY OTHER FORMS OF ADHESIVE ARE GENERALLY NOT ACCEPTABLE TO USE FOR HANGING WORKS - AND DEFINITELY NO SELF-ADHESIVE VELCRO IS TO BE USED (stapling the Velcro to the wall is acceptable in some circumstances).

4. Opening Night:- Kitchen/bar facilities are available. The artist is responsible for catering and the clean up after the opening. Due to the security system, openings need to finish by 8.30pm and clean up by 9.30pm. The building must be securely locked.

5. Sale of Work:- Labelling, signage and sales are the responsibility of the exhibitor.

6. Clean up Procedures for Gallery:- Supplies are available for clean up from administrative staff – filler, sandpaper, paint, roller and tray.

                   - Rub out any pencil marks etc.
                   - Fill all holes using filler, sand back when dry and paint using roller and paint supplied.
                   - Plinths need to be left in good condition.
                   - Clean roller and tray in sculpture room sink at back of building.
                   - Sweep or vacuum gallery floor.
                   - Return all equipment to the administration staff.             

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