Colourful Compositions (27 & 28 January)

Registration fee: $245.00

Colourful Compositions  with Abramo Papp

This workshop is for beginners and experienced artists who want to learn how to use the Moriarty Colour Mixing System (CMS) in creating colour harmonies from nature; creating alternative colour schemes; and creating successful colour compositions. Learn how to apply the phenomena of simultaneous contrast, to increase the apparent brilliance of colours in paintings based on Merv Moriarty’s book, COLOUR - The Definitive Guide. Having done the Colour Mixing Made Easy workshop would be a definite advantage. “What you taught us is going to make a big difference to the colour choices in my future paintings.” Nora, September 2017

Saturday and Sunday, 27 and 28 January, 9:30am –  4:00pm for 2 days.   $245

Important: Please check the Short Course Materials tab in the Short Courses menu above.

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