T-Shirt Fundamentals 101 (10 & 11 June)

Registration fee: $285.00

T-Shirt Fundamentals 101 with Nancy Brown

Ever wondered how to print on T-shirts, what inks to use, how to make those fine detailed images that you see, how to use your own photographs or drawings to print onto T-shirts?  This two day course will cover the T-shirt fundamentals, from simple stencilled designs to complex designs with words, cartoons and photographs, how to set up a T-shirt ‘jig’, how to use photographic emulsion, mixing and using blends of colour, and how to heat set the shirts.  Everything you will need to know to get started at home to print original images onto T-shirts with the minimum of fuss.

Saturday and Sunday, 10 and 11 June, 9.30am – 4.00pm (2 days) 

For the materials you need for this workshop please go to  Short Course materials >>>>>>> in the Short courses pull down menu.

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