Semester Cancellation

The BIA is a not for profit organization and classes are run based on student numbers reaching viable levels. Therefore, cancellation and changes to enrolment can only be made prior to or between Monday 27 January and Saturday 15 February(Semester 1) or between Monday 11 July and Friday 29 July (Semester 2). Pro-rata fees and a $50 administration fee will apply to cancellation of enrolment during the above period, after which full fees apply. Any request to cancel or change enrolment must be made in writing.

It is wise to buy any materials you need in the last 2 days before the workshop or short course commences, when you know there is no possibility of cancellation.

You should also be aware that Art works produced during the workshops and shortcourses may be photographed for use in future publicity and promotion. If you do not wish your artwork to be used for this purpose you are most welcome to let the office know in writing.