A New Colour Theory ~ Parts 1 & 2

Thursday mornings | 9:30am – 12:30pm | 22 April to 17 June | 9 weeks
Total: $ 575

A New Colour Theory – Part 1 & 2 with Abramo Papp is for both the raw beginner as well as those experienced hands in colour mixing who want to get up to speed with the latest in colour wheels, the Cyan, Yellow and Magenta (CYM) colour wheel. Locate your own pigments on a blank colour wheel (provided) and use the colour mixing system to easily and confidently mix any target colour using at most three paint pigments plus white. This course is suitable for oils, acrylics and watercolour. Part 2 follows on from Part 1 and expands on the use of the new colour wheel in creating colour harmonies from nature and using these to create alternative colour schemes. The course covers painting techniques of underpainting, simultaneous contrast, broken colour and glazes to increase the apparent brilliance of colours (creating light) in paintings.
At last the gaping holes in my understanding of colour have been filled and I can design colour schemes for my compositions with confidence instead of guesswork. Catherine, 30/1/2018; Seriously, the best colour and colour wheel class I’ve been to. I usually hate them. Delia, 14/1/2018

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