Fun and Freedom of Big Brushes

Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 January | 9:30am – 4:00pm | 2 days
Total: $ 325

Fun and Freedom of Big Brushes with Lizzie Connor is a workshop that will help loosen up your work, by using big brushes and making big bold marks from the shoulder and elbow, not just from the wrist. We start with the big brushes and end with a smaller one to do some fine tuning.  When starting painting, choosing brushes in this way can really help, because it stops you focusing on the ‘interesting detail’. Using large brushes to lay down bold and decisive strokes, helps to alleviate self-inflicted pressure to make the painting look finished too early on.  If you use large brushes to begin your painting, you’ll develop your brush skills, techniques and a huge variety of marks that can be achieved with one brush.


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NB. Enrolment in this class may be unavailable after the commencement date or if the class is full.
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