Intermediate Jewellery Making: Economising

Monday evenings | 6:30 – 9:30pm | 5 October to 30 November | 9 weeks
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with Matt Dwyer

Everything you need to know to give you confidence in your making. Learn Jewellery Design and resolution, planning, jewellery calculations and formulas, costing and quoting. Take the challenge! Start with a design, refine it, plan it, cost it, build it, and aim to finish with only filings as your wastage? This 9-week course is specifically designed for intermediate students who want all those questions answered about calculations in jewellery making. It will cover trade skills and jewellery maths that will enable students to economise their jewellery practice starting from the very beginning…. i.e. design. The course will start with covering the financial importance of design, and furthermore the satisfaction that comes with resolved well thought out design. It will follow with design tips and tricks, working to a budget, planning, problem solving and the valuable use of formulas in learning costing and subsequent quoting. It will also cover how to melt metal, how to confidently use rollers and drawplates, and importantly how all these techniques combined will economise a student’s jewellery practice giving them a great boost of confidence. Many lessons will include group design and planning discussions and the course will be packed with demonstrations.

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