The Art of Improving Your Paintings with Preliminary Artist's Sketches

Tuesday to Friday | 1:00 – 4:00pm | 28 to 31 January | 4 afternoons
Total: $ 300.00

The Art of Improving Your Paintings with Preliminary Artist’s Studies with Mia Clark

Preliminary artists studies are an important aspect to developing a strong painting. These are not detailed drawings but tonal value studies. This class will help you analyse photographic reference to reduce detail to shape and tonal values. We will alter composition to improve visual communication by adding and subtracting elements to the preliminary sketch. We’ll also look at how to use colour and contrast in small studies with your particular painting medium.  You will develop the necessary drawing skills using pencil and charcoal or conte and also explore the use of line, tone, shape, space, and composition in making your drawings.


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