Art for Children: Term 3 (6 to 12 years)

Thursday afternoons | 3:30 – 5:30pm | commencing 18 July | 9 weeks
Total: $ 410

Art for Children: Term 3 (6 to 12 years) with Berenice Anzellotti - These classes aim to encourage in children an appreciation of the aesthetic experience and personal symbolic language.  The focus this term will be mixed media. Students will have the opportunity to produce work/s based on their own interests and choice. Through interaction with each child, the tutors will seek to offer what would be of value to their development.

This is just a friendly reminder to pick up your child on time and also when packing snacks for your child while attending any of the art classes at BIA, please DO NOT include any items that have any traces of nuts.
Some children are allergic even to the smell of nuts. If you could be mindful of this when sending your child to classes, it would be most appreciated. THANK YOU.

Please check the short course materials list for your class.

NB. Enrolment in this class may be unavailable after the commencement date or if the class is full.
Please notify me when new classes are open for enrolment.