Oil Painting: Tips, Tricks and Techniques

Monday to Thursday | 9:30am – 12:30pm | 8 to 11 July | 4 mornings
Total: $ 285.00

Oil Painting: Tips, Tricks and Techniques     Abramo Papp

This workshop is suitable for anyone who would like to learn more of the art of painting in oils. It will cover the oil painting techniques of opaque layering; clear glazing, alla prima and impasto using either brush or palette knife. Students are encouraged to bring along any works they have and get guidance on how to improve or complete them. Because of the longer drying time of oil paintings, student should not expect to complete new works within the time period. For those who have paintings in acrylics here is the opportunity to start converting one or more of them into oil paintings.

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NB. Enrolment in this class may be unavailable after the commencement date or if the class is full.
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