Painting the Breaking Wave

Saturday and Sunday | 9.30am – 4.00pm | 26 and 27 January | 2 days
Total: $ 275.00

Painting the Breaking Wave  with Lizzie Connor

Breaking waves are created by moving swells (energy pulses), crosscurrents, backwash, tide, wind and water breaking over rocks…all have their own dynamics and beauty. This weekend workshop will center on the structure and contours of the breaking wave, learning how to create images of breaking waves that look natural and flowing, not mechanical.  The ocean and waves are always in constant movement and turmoil.  This workshop will be about developing an understanding of all these things  and by doing  some simple exercises learn how to create the correct  appearance and flow to a breaking wave, using colour to create  transparencies (i.e. how light works through water), depth, foam patterns and foam spray.

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