From Fragile Clay to Permanent Ceramic

Monday to Thursday | 9:30am – 12:30pm | 20 to 23 January | 4 mornings
Total: $ 330.00

From Fragile Clay to Permanent Ceramic with Dianne Peach
Students will understand the physical and chemical changes of firing and learn how this simple heating event impacts civilizations’ historical record.  The history of firing will be covered from the simple to the complex. Some kilns will be built and fired on site, others already on site will be stacked and fired. Students will gain experience in sawdust, wood, gas, oil and electric methods, and see processes like pit, raku, saggar, and lustre firing.  Various kiln materials will be explored – brick, fibre, castables, rawclay, etc. Bringing work to fire, either raw, bisque, or gloss-fired, would be good, but not essential.

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