Unleashing Your Inner Artist

Monday 15 to Thursday 18 January | 9.30am – 12.30pm | 4 mornings
Total: $ 375

Unleashing Your Inner Artist with Abramo Papp - Short, sharp and fast paced experiential introduction to discovering (for raw beginners) or re-discovering (for old hands) your innate ability to express yourself visually. This fun, yet challenging, experiential course is all about loosening up and painting and drawing in ways you may never have done before or done in a very long time. Challenge yourself to have fun and surprise yourself with what you may discover. All materials are supplied, so just bring along a big, happy and playful curiosity, because you’ll need it. WARNING: you will be producing paintings like nothing on earth i.e. pure abstract – Arrgh!

Please check the short course materials list for your class.

NB. Enrolment in this class may be unavailable after the commencement date or if the class is full.
Please notify me when new classes are open for enrolment.