Tutors conducting classes and workshops are active and respected artists in their field. Their experience has been gained through study and studio practice in Australia and overseas.

Art invigorates the living of the everyday by interrogating its being. The silent pleasure of drawing, the idea that wakes you at dawn, all give us new vigour to live and find a place in the world.

Carolyn Craig




Art develops a willingness to explore what has not existed before.  How very dull would life be without it?

Sally Cox



If Art did not exist, it would be necessary
to invent it.

Peter Biddulph




90% of life is is a means to explore that uncharted territory.

Mia Clark





Art encourages a love of learning and creativity. It also encourages us to use problem-solving skills, and requires us to take risks. And, as Picasso said, 'art is a lie that enables us to see the truth.'

 Robert Andrews





Art makes me observant  and thoughtful, helps me to appreciate the world around me.
Art keeps my brain working, and seems to slow down time in a good way.

Jill Barker






Art makes me make sense of my world

Sally Duhig





Art is at the cutting edge of the human experience and a connection to the soul, so why not allow ourselves to have fun with the joys and challenges of the process.
To make Art, is to make a space for personal growth and alternative perspectives of viewing our world.

Deborah Cavallaro




Art can be a means of self-expression and with the development of skills and techniques your unique personal vision can be successfully achieved. 

Berenice Anzellotti 





In working with earth, water, and fire, not only is the clay transformed but the maker too.

Dianne Peach.







Art matters.

Nicole Sylvestre







When making art I leave my usual patterns of thoughts aside. I become absorbed in line, tone, shadow, shape and form, the kneading of clay, the pulling of a print or etching of metal. I perceive the small things more clearly, in their rich detail. To me art is a puzzle, a mystery and an adventure.

Nancy Brown




















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