• First Prize 2023

    Jason McDonald | Nurturing Nature - Wallaby (detail)
  • First Prize 2021

    Emilie Heurtevent | The Abyss 12 (Detail)
  • First Prize 2019

    Laura Patterson | Platform for viewing wombats (detail)
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    Chris Antico  John Donegan  Dan Nelson 
    Dr Karike Ashworth  Celia Dymond  Marcus O'Donnell 
    Kym Barrett  Louise Galea  Paula Irene Payne 
    Andrea Baumert Howard  Kailum Graves  Melanie Sinclair 
    Nick Baylart  Samir Hamaiel  Wayne Singleton 
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    David Asher Brook  Philip Hickingbotham  Mignon Steele 
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    Milburn Art Prize for Landscape

    I see pictorial space as an inner landscape for the mind’s eye to roam; so it is not surprising if my paintings evoke the feeling of landscape. (I) know it is a mental projection but it is inherently delightful. While painting, I am issuing an open invitation for these illusions - or allusions – to enter. My conscious mind can be occupied with the making, and the unconscious can come up with its own surprises. John Peart

    The 2023 Milburn Art Prize for Landscape reflects the evolving nature and aims of BIA to honour Paul Milburn, a much loved and respected tutor who began teaching in 1989 at BIA until his death in 2011. With this in mind we offer a prize of $10,000 awarded for a 2d artwork addressing the spirit of Paul Milburn’s legacy and John Peart’s musings on landscape as quoted above. Accepted media includes painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media and photography.

    We hope the Milburn Art Prize creates an opportunity for both established and emerging artists to bring a sense of surprise and openness to their interpretation of Landscape, while fostering an enriched dialogue between artists, community and arts industry.

    Milburn Art Prize 2023 Exhibition 5 - 26 May -

    The winner for the 2023 Milburn Art Prize will be announced on 5 May.

    Milburn Art Prize Winner 2023: Jason McDonald
    Nurturing Nature Wallaby
    Highly Commended: Celia Dymond
    Damaged Landscape Gunditjmara Country
    Highly Commended: Nick Baylart
    Facing Mt Glenrowan in the Summer Across the Winton Wetlands on that Back Way Around to the Highway
    Highly Commended: Andrea Baumert Howard
    Another Scout
    Highly Commended: Christopher Domergue
    Tarban Creek Lunatic Asylum (33.50'18.8"S 151.07'41.6E)
    Highly Commended: Dan Nelson
    A Flag for the Lost and Found Country
  • Milburn Art Prize for Landscape
    Closing date Friday 31 March 2023

    Entry Form
    Prize First Prize: AUD 10,000.00.
    Highly Commended (5): AUD 1,000.00 ea.
    Entry Fee AUD 50.00 (GST inclusive) for each work submitted. The submission of a maximum of 2 works per artist is allowed.
    Eligibility The prize for landscape includes painting, drawing, printmaking, mixed media and photography. All artwork must have been produced within the last 24 months.
    Size of work Work must not exceed 150 cm (60") in height or width, with a depth of no more than 10cm and should be easily lifted by two people.
    Delivery days If selected for hanging, work must be delivered to the Gallery (41 Grafton St., WINDSOR) weekdays between Tuesday 18 April and Wednesday 26 April 2023 between the hours of 9.00am and 3.30pm. Works will not be accepted outside these times.
    Collection arangements Unsold works must be collected from Brisbane Institute of Art from 9.00am – 10.00am Saturday 27 May, or from 9.00am – 3.30pm on Monday 29 May – Wednesday 31 May, 2023. Interstate applicants should arrange for a courier to pack and remove the work/s during those hours. Works not collected and in the absence of appropriate arrangements stated above at the expiry of a further one month will be deemed to be the property of the Brisbane Institute of Art and may be sold or otherwise disposed of by the committee acting in the best interests of the Milburn Art Prize and Brisbane Institute of Art.
    Payment for works sold at the Milburn Art Prize will be made payable to the artists and posted within two weeks of the close of the Milburn Art Prize.