Intermediate Etching  AM (Fortnightly) Gwenn Tasker 580
Metal Sculpture AM Allin Dwyer 1165
Art for Children - Term 3  AM   (9 weeks) Deborah Cavallaro  & Berenice Anzellotti  390
Ceramics A to Z  AM Peter Biddulph 1330
Art for Teenagers  - Term 3 PM (9 weeks) Berenice Anzellotti 580
Introductory Drawing AM Glen Skien 1105
How to Make Better Art and Dazzle Your Friends AM Maree Cunnington 1065
Painting 1 AM Deborah Cavallaro 1075
Introductory Printmaking AM David Nixon 1150
Contemporary Ceramics PM Peter Biddulph 1330
Art for Children - Term 3 PM (9 weeks) Berenice Anzellotti 390
Contemporary Ceramics EVE Peter Biddulph 1330
Introductory Printmaking EVE David Nixon 1150
Ceramics A to Z AM Peter Biddulph 1330
Watercolour for Beginners  AM Svetlana Trefilova 1085
Drawing Towards Painting AM Glen Skien 1085
Watercolour for Beginners EVE Svetlana Trefilova 1085
Ceramics A to Z EVE Peter Biddulph 1330
Portraiture and the Human Figure EVE Mia Clark 1210
Jewellery Fundamentals AM Catherine Large 650
Advanced Watercolour AM Svetlana Trefilova 1085
Creative Figure Painting AM David Paulson 1065
Studio Painting AM Sally Cox 1065
Art for Children - Term 3  PM   (9 weeks) Berenice Anzellotti  390
Painting 3 PM Sally Cox 1065
Ceramics A to Z  EVE Dianne Peach 1330
Painting 1  EVE Svetlana Trefilova 1075
Painting 2 EVE Svetlana Trefilova 1075
Introductory Drawing EVE Mia Clark 1080
Drawing Towards Painting EVE Glen Skien 1085
Painting 3 EVE Sally Cox 1065
Studio Painting EVE Sally Cox 1065
Studio Etching & Multi Media AM Gwenn Tasker 1150
Decorative Ceramics AM Dianne Peach 1330
Metal Sculpture AM Allin Dwyer 1165
Findings for Jewellery  AM (9 weeks) Catherine Large 650
Decorative Ceramics PM Dianne Peach 1330
Open Studio (9 weeks) PM Catherine Large 580
Art for Children - Term 3 Art  PM   (9 weeks) Berenice Anzellotti 385
Introductory Drawing EVE Glen Skien 1105
Ceramics A to Z  AM Dianne Peach 1330
Introduction to Enamelling AM Catherine Large 1185
Painting 2 AM Deborah Cavallaro 1075
Expressive Water Media AM Mia Clark 1080
Collage: Ideas and Images AM Glen Skien 1075
Illustration Techniques for Beginners PM Mia Clark 1080
Experimental (Advanced)  Enamelling PM  Catherine Large 1185